julia claire reitzer


[En] I am a graphic designer and part of helios collective in residence at the manufacture des Gobelins, in Paris. My research is located at the crossroad of graphic design and an investigator practice, which capturing, questioning and transcribing the human environment.

[Fr] Je suis designer graphique et membre du collectif transdisciplinaire helios en résidence à la manufacture
des Gobelins, à Paris. Globalement, ma recherche se situe à la croisée du design graphique et d'une pratique d’investigateur, qu capture, questionne et retranscrit l'environnement humain.

- Master II design, research project and transdisciplinarity,
in residence at Mobilier national, in collaboration with Cnam, Duperré, Ensaama, Boulle, Estienne [Paris, 2021]
- DSAA in graphic design, at Ensaama [Paris, 2020]
- Erasmus at Politecnico di Milano [Milan, Italy, 2019]
- BTS graphic design printed media, Estienne [Paris, 2018]

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[new sign design project with cyanotype is coming]

Light-time-material relationship in manufacture
[01/03] helios collective in residence
[02/03] to fade 
[03/03] halo devices

Upholding the Kurdish language in diaspora
[01/04] here and over there
[02/04] kurdish language in diaspora
[03/04] the three faces of bahar
[04/04] at home

Other graphic experiences
[01/01] chateaubriand’s gardens
[01/01] japanese fauna and flora

helios collective in residence
collectif helios en résidence

Through the visit to the Mobilier national workshops, it was noticed in the object creation process that the color and material choices has been done according to light, in order to reduce its distorting impact on the objects. Thus, from this observation was born the beginning of my research on the ambivalent relation between light, color, time.
[01/03] 10.2020

to fade
rendre fade

The research subject anchored in the place has been the bearer of a specific discovery to the manufacture: the fadeometer. This is a device used to assess the stability of a color when exposed to light. The concept of bland, which already emerging in the reflection, then is embodied by this instrument.

According to the philosopher François Jullien, In Praise of Blandness « To fade symbolizes a certain balance, an intermediate moment, a transitional stage and always under threat. It is the sensitive expression of harmony. It is a state open to transformation. »

 [02/03] 04.2021

halo devices
les dispositifs halo

What if, failing to alter, the light revea the passage of time on the objects? By making the hostility of light toward colors an asset in the creation process, we are part of a sustainability approach, by proposing a conception of alteration as an improvement of the object over time.

In addition, it was chosen not to limit the research to doing a colorimetric work, by adding a volume setting to the notion of bland to embellish.
[03/03] 10.2020

li vir û wir,
here and over there,

ici et là-bas

Li vir û wir is a first immersion in the diploma project, as a raw material. It explores the Kurdish landscape and captures people hospitality. The experience in the field allows to confront what is similar and different between in diaspora and in Kurdistan. What remains and what disappears beyond borders?

  [01/04] 09.2019

zimanê kurdî li dîasporayê,
kurdish language in diaspora

la langue kurde en diaspora

Kurdî is a support for unexpected reflection on Graphic design and Kurdish language.

In Kurdistan, the stateless status of the Kurds does not make it possible for the language to be standardized or recognized, thus jeopardising its transmission. Yet, it plays a dynamic role in the maintenance of its culture and it is an identity element for the new generation, born far from its roots.
  [02/04] 01.2020