julia claire reitzer


[En] I am a graphic designer and part of helios collective in residence at the manufacture des Gobelins, in Paris. My research is located at the crossroad of graphic design and an investigator practice, which capturing, questioning and transcribing the human environment.

[Fr] Je suis designer graphique et membre du collectif transdisciplinaire helios en résidence à la manufacture
des Gobelins, à Paris. Globalement, ma recherche se situe à la croisée du design graphique et d'une pratique d’investigateur, qu capture, questionne et retranscrit l'environnement humain.

- Master II design, research project and transdisciplinarity,
in residence at Mobilier national, in collaboration with Cnam, Duperré, Ensaama, Boulle, Estienne [Paris, 2021]
- DSAA in graphic design, at Ensaama [Paris, 2020]
- Erasmus at Politecnico di Milano [Milan, Italy, 2019]
- BTS graphic design printed media, Estienne [Paris, 2018]

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[new sign design project with cyanotype is coming]

Light-time-material relationship in manufacture
[01/03] helios collective in residence
[02/03] to fade 
[03/03] halo devices

Upholding the Kurdish language in diaspora
[01/04] here and over there
[02/04] kurdish language in diaspora
[03/04] the three faces of bahar
[04/04] at home

Other graphic experiences
[01/01] chateaubriand’s gardens
[01/01] japanese fauna and flora

zimanê kurdî li dîasporayê,
kurdish language in diaspora,

la langue kurde en diaspora

[En] Kurdî is a support for unexpected reflection on Graphic design and Kurdish language.

In Kurdistan, the stateless status of the Kurds does not make it possible for the language to be standardized or recognized, thus jeopardising its transmission. Yet, it plays a dynamic role in the maintenance of its culture and it is an identity element for the new generation, born far from its roots.

[Fr] Kurdî est un support de réflexion inattendue sur le graphisme et la langue kurde.

Au Kurdistan, le statut d'apatride des Kurdes ne permet pas à la langue d’être standardisée ou reconnue, mettant ainsi en péril sa transmission. Pourtant, elle joue un rôle dynamique dans le maintien de sa culture et un élément identitaire pour la nouvelle génération, née loin de ses racines.

Thanks to Elisa, Bahar, Nalan, Seyîd and all people from the Kurdish Institute in Paris, all teachers and friends from the Master’s degree in Graphic design (2020) at Ensaama, in Paris.

Technology: Printed edition, embossed cover and handmade binding
Format: 15 x 21 cm, 112 pages, 12 copies 
Collection: Dsaa, graphic design, Ensaama [Paris, 2020]
Language: french (long vers.), english (short vers.)
Printing : Launay printing house, André & Co atelier
Type font: Lyon, Commercial font


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